Former Airborne Medic finally shares surprising techniques that got him out of the Army and back home from Afghanistan in 44 days.

Discover an overlooked mindset anyone can install to scare their command into granting a speedy honorable discharge.


Fellow Warriors,

If you've thought about getting out of the US military, this may be the most important letter you could read.

If you're like most people in the military, you've probably thought about getting out. You may be tired of missing birthdays, Thanksgivings, and generally feeling like life is passing you by. Perhaps you question the morality of war from time to time. You might be someone actively searching for a way out.

Three years ago I was in your place. I'd come to the realization that American military intervention all over the world was destroying the values of liberty that we claimed to hold dear. I wanted out but I couldn't find a way. Some people go AWOL while others shoot themselves. You probably feel alone to wrestle against your questions like I did.

None of the methods I compared fit me. I joined believing in the cause and I wanted to get out on principles as well. I thought I couldn't be a conscientious objector since I didn't object to all wars.

As I continued my studies into liberty, a solution came to me. After 3 years of studying I'd finally found my way out. It's as true at this time as it was then. It can work for anyone when you read the special report I've prepared.

In this 10 page special report, you’ll find:

  • A fool proof way to get out with an honorable discharge.
  • Methods that apply to any military branch or specialty.
  • A simple outline including links to documentation and regulations.
  • Understand how to get what you want especially from higher ranking individuals.
  • That integrity compels anyone who cares about liberty to get out.
  • Why it's irrelevant who leads the country or which war we're in following these principles.

Initially I was charging for this report. It occurred to me that it's more important to me that this report be available to military personnel. I'm providing it for free though I'll accept donations. That way you can contribute if you want. If you're not in the military but still want to help, you can.

There are people who would like to keep this special report out of your hands. That's why you don't see my name here. If they get to me before you get your copy, all I'll be able to do is wish you luck.

Click the download link below. You'll be glad you did.

System Requirements: This special report is delivered instantly as a pdf download. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download times will vary depending on connection speed.

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